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The team developed a biomass energy chip, would have developed to top athletes and special forces or extreme sports players, be used as auxiliary project for weight training and physical fitness,so that they have a good performance in the sports arena or on the battlefield, through the years of testing, research, improvement, the company can be done to increase energy and the volume is reduced,the effect is more obvious . OverTake has is established in Taiwan in 2012. The future of goal is rapid promotion to general daily necessities, and for everyone can bring a more healthy life because of technological.

Every day a lot of person want to have lead a healthy life,be made the decision to change the way of life. So much uncertainty factors result of in life, including work pressure, lack of exercise, surrounding electronic instruments ...Most people are facing long working hours, heavy pressure, the physical wear and tear, and often people increased negative emotions, reducing the ability to think, body muscle strain, a direct impact on health. This means the importance of health and spirit,If you are like most people lack of attention, to your energy and pressure will not load. Life environment, you need a change and stimulation to help you reach of peak of physical performance.

OverTake biomass energy chip pairs our body to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Promote harmonious to play of physical energy, stretch to your body more freely. Enhance motor function, more abundant physical. Improve the bad state due of lack of exercise, poor balance, to improve their physique. Optimize physical function, alleviate fatigue. Optimize brain activity, mental focus, more flexible thinking, and instantly improve efficiency.

OverTake 超越生化科技有限公司

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